October 15th

I’ve won a giant meatball! :-)

Our local butcher – Culinaire Slagerij Wapenaar in Vlaardingen – had a great promotional prize draw. Upon sending in a selfie in front of their marketing signs, that were put up all around the village for a week, a giant meatball and an interesting book about meatballs could be won. Of course I sent in my photo and guess what? I’ve won!

A rainy day with Bo!

October 13th

Great day again with Bo. On our way to the park we played around a bit while both having the lead, after some twists and turns we were glued together like Siamese twins and the pack leader had a challenge to untangle dogs and leads again 😉

October 10th

The vet

I already had a gut feeling yesterday evening that something was going to be happening. I didn’t get any treats for my excellent and obedient behaviour – as always 😉 – during the late night walk and this morning I didn’t get any food and thought it to be a strange time of the day to go for a ride with the car.

Anyway: a few hours later I felt a bit drowsy and drunk and was surrounded by people in white coats. I immediately called for help and did not stop until one of the pack leaders arrived to pick me up.

I still have the feeling something went missing during the last few hours I cannot remember.

Broekpolder with Bo

Today we went to the Broekpolder and played around the lake…

Another day with Bo :-)

Today I went for a nice walk with Bo again. Afterwards I stayed for a while at Bo’s place. Finally at home I desperately needed a good nap, I didn’t even notice that one of the pack leaders was home again at the end of the afternoon!

Holy Noord with Bo

Today I went to Holy Noord together with the girl next door, Bo. Although there were a few dark clouds in the sky, the weather was fine and we had a great time.