Sunday afternoon with Leen

Today Leen came visiting us. After a a joint walk (and swimming for me too) in the Broekpolder, we went home again. In the picture below you see Leen, the furry animal and myself waiting for the pack leader to serve some good meat of the barbecue.

In the evening we went to the Broekpolder again to play ball. I managed to get into the dirtiest water you can find there just when we were about to get back. To get my paws clean again we shortly went to another pool with much cleaner water. I should remember this trick to get the most out of this type of tours to the Broekpolder.

A Saturday with Bram

Today Bram was with us the whole day. His pack went for a day on a boat and of course we didn’t complain for a moment when we were asked if he could stay with us.

As expected it would be a very hot day again, so we quickly decided all tours made today should be near water. After having played for quite a while in the back garden we went for the Broekpolder. It wasn’t too busy so we made about two rounds around the lake. To be more precise: the pack leader did, me and Bram were in the water most of the time.

After that Bram and I spent some time alone after I sent the pack leader for some errands at the butcher at the end of the street. The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in the garden. At the end of the afternoon grandma and dad came for a visit too and joined us for a second tour to another part of the Broekpolder and diner. Bram and I were more than helpful during and after diner to save the dishwasher some work.

What a great day, Bram! If you’d like to stay another weekend with us, just let us know!

EMBA16 Dierenplaatjesactie


Although I scored top marks at my training classes for being such an obedient dog, I totally ignored the pack leader yesterday and stayed in the water for more than 20 minutes. Today we went for a swim again. Personally, I prefer some decent UK weather instead of this madness.


Nieuwland Park on Saturday

I went for a walk this afternoon in the Nieuwland Park together with our pack leader, After walking along the motorway for a while I met some other dogs: a flat nosed boxer and a small terrier. After having overcome some hostilities to and fro we did seem to like each other and walked for a while. Upon having left them behind at the pool I met a beautiful Collie РNoa Р and I played and swam with her for quite a while.

But all good things come to an end and I had to assist the pack leader with serious business: visiting the mall to purchase enough meat and poultry to survive next week.


Spring 2015

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