Sunday afternoon with Leen

Today Leen came visiting us. After a a joint walk (and swimming for me too) in the Broekpolder, we went home again. In the picture below you see Leen, the furry animal and myself waiting for the pack leader to serve some good meat of the barbecue.

In the evening we went to the Broekpolder again to play ball. I managed to get into the dirtiest water you can find there just when we were about to get back. To get my paws clean again we shortly went to another pool with much cleaner water. I should remember this trick to get the most out of this type of tours to the Broekpolder.

Busy day

Today I played at Bo’s place which was great again. Later in the aftrnoon we went to the shopping mall to visit some of my favourite shops: the butcher and the pet shop. I met a lot of other dogs in the mall as usual and we took quite some time for a chat together.

I also put some serious effort today in bonding with the cat. It goes better every day.

Naughty King

He just grabs the bag from the kitchen worktop, opens it and eats all the sweets. Naughty King!