A Saturday with Bram

Today Bram was with us the whole day. His pack went for a day on a boat and of course we didn’t complain for a moment when we were asked if he could stay with us.

As expected it would be a very hot day again, so we quickly decided all tours made today should be near water. After having played for quite a while in the back garden we went for the Broekpolder. It wasn’t too busy so we made about two rounds around the lake. To be more precise: the pack leader did, me and Bram were in the water most of the time.

After that Bram and I spent some time alone after I sent the pack leader for some errands at the butcher at the end of the street. The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in the garden. At the end of the afternoon grandma and dad came for a visit too and joined us for a second tour to another part of the Broekpolder and diner. Bram and I were more than helpful during and after diner to save the dishwasher some work.

What a great day, Bram! If you’d like to stay another weekend with us, just let us know!

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